Fine Tuning the Olive




  • Erick Uceda

    I received my olive and I'll be playing with the numbers. So far I'm hearing a noise in the background but it seems with some tweaks its less than before but still need reduce it because it's very annoying.

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  • Hystericalparoxysm

    I've tried everything in this article but still have a constant fizzy hissing noise that makes my hearing worse. The room can be completely silent but even at 10% volume both Olives sound like a fizzy drink right next to my ears. Completely unusable and makes my hearing worse. :(

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  • Rolland Rice

    Please explain to me the following:

    1. Must I complete the hearing test?

    2. What effect does the equalizer have on the "undisplayed" hearing test settings?

    3. Of what value are the "Left" and "Right settings on a single Olive. Having a "Left" and "Right" Setting, I would assume that a single Olive wouldn't care. Do I need to set both "Left" and "Right" equalizer settings?

    4. If I have TWO (2) Olives, do they each have different hearing test/equalizer/volume settings? Can I set my Olives to be dedicated left/right units with a different volume/equalizer setting for each specific Olive?

    5. The typograhics used on the iPhone app are extremely light and fine. My eyesight is failing and I can't easily read any page in your app. Can you please increase the type size and weight?

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