Beta Olive Charging Dock work-around #2 (non-soldering method)




  • Pierre Andre Labeau

    Olive slowly pulsating away... 😁 That was electronics made easy for you 🤣

    Thank you... Thanks to this and my reading glasses - allowing me to see the tiny spec of the R10 freeing the circuit - I have the mesmerizing  spectacle of the Olive pulsating 😉 🍾🥂

  • John Anderson

    it worked for me.  a little bit nerve wracking running a razor blade across a circuit board trying to cut something I couldn't really see!


    But it worked!!!

  • Massimo D'Onofrio

    Why I have a battery inside?  Should I take it out?  Is this fix valid also for my Olive?  Please advise!

  • Nick Hazell

    I really doubted that this would work - but 'hey presto' I now have a pulsing green light on the Olive.


    Lets see what happens in the testing stage now.

  • Pierre Andre Labeau

    @ Mr. D’Onofrio... Only cutting that little R10 resistor is needed (if you are doing it with a cutter, the resistor will easily snap one of its “legs” and a bit of teasing with the point of the blade will have the second one breaking too quite fast)... You should leave everything else alone

  • Massimo D'Onofrio

    OLIVE AFTER cutting the R10 (now charging).  But still don't understand what is the battery for and if now it is now useful...

  • minh-loc truong

    hello, my greenlights are now pulsing as well.

    the battery in the cradle is the component that failed,  leave it plugged, just move away the black wire to have more room for the "operation" and then put it back afterwards

  • minh-loc truong

    the cradle is supposed to have a dual function :

    - usb charging (when power supply available)

    - backup charging.( when no power outlet available )


  • Ken Cheng

    Massimo, the battery is a backup to charge your Olive while on the go. This bypasses the failed battery.

  • Massimo D'Onofrio

    Ken,  it sounds to me as if I lost the battery support in exchange of fixing the problem of charging with Powerline!

  • Karin Parker

    Thank you very much for including this work around; having burnt myself while trying to solder, I was delighted to see this alternative and now have the joy of the pulsing LED indicating charging. 

  • Carol Townsend

    The fix worked for me, but I have an additional issue. My Olive doesn't fit snugly into the charger unit - the end where the contacts are rides up a bit and the two sets of contacts do not touch. If I hold the Olive in the box and press down on that end, the contacts touch and the Olive charges. I suppose I could put a small weight on it or tape it down (I really don't want to have to hold it the entire time it charges) but I shouldn't have to. Any idea of a fix for that?

    Does anyone else have this same issue?

  • Christine Beetow

    This is great. Glad to see it is working and I think this is something I can actually do and not cause more problems. Really excited to get down to some actual testing. Thanks for this second fix. 

  • Charles Lefebvre

    This fix worked for me also. I also have the same issue as Carol Townsend above. My Olive doesn't sit snugly on the side of the contacts, so I wrapped it a rubber band on that side. Hoping for a better solution on the final product. How long is the charge on the Beta? 4 or 8 hours. I also spent a lot of money on earring aids before ($17,000 on 3 different sets - these will be the one's that I want to wear. I only have one Beta Olive for the test. I'm getting the 2 Olives on final delivery.

  • Manycrows

    I managed to get this done with fine point tweezers, but I can't for the life of me see how most people will have the tools for this job or be able to see what they're doing. I also did not receive the extra pods.

    i suppose this all comes with the territory of being a beta tester.

  • Frank Pilj

    Okay, I join the 'oh my gosh team' that say it worked!!  Next, let it charge.


  • Daniel

    @Carol Townsend, chuck4d- I use a rubber band as well and that works to hold the Olive securely. 

  • Daniel

    Used a small x-acto knife to pry open a corner, then ran my fingernail around to pry off the bottom cover. Then I had to use a headband magnifier to see what I am doing.  Even the small x-acto knife I had to hold at a 45 angle to get it into the the bottom of the cradle to cut across the middle of the #10 resistor.  I gave it 3 cuts (scrapes) in the direction mentioned and a bit of solder came off.  Repeated this for the 2nd cradle.  Secured both Olives with rubber bands to their cradles (the little rubber squares had fallen off at first removal of the Olives) and plugged them in to charge.  Both LEDs are blinking.  Not a solution for everyone for sure but so far so good. Update will follow.

  • Lauren Madar

    I used a small, very sharp pair of surgical scissors. Seemed to work, my Olive is now pulsing. Too bad about the battery not being useful any longer though.

  • Charles Lefebvre


    On needing of new charge, I noticed that the Olive was pulsing without the USB being plugged in. I don't know, how much energy has been stored with the battery?



  • Carol Townsend

    OK - rubber band works to hold the Olive in the charger, but that "bug" really should be fixed before this goes to full production. 

    New problem now - the device is not turning off. When I hold down the button on the Olive, nothing happens. It turned on (after a few tries) and turned off again (again, after a few tries) and I was able to pair it with my Android phone (I know, it doesn't take calls, even though the User Manual has instruction for how to take calls). After wearing it for an hour or so, I wanted to turn it off. The button is not responding - it isn't turning off.

  • Christine Beetow

    Whoo hoo! It's working. I am so excited. Used the utility blade like they showed. The connector popped right off, just a tiny piece of solder or whatever. I'm no techie and I could do this. You can too. 

  • Olive Support Team 2

    @Massimo D'Onofrio, we overlooked that step. I have updated the work-around. Please remove the battery.

  • Rjclausen

    I am terrified to try this. I will need to go out an purchase the tools needed and I’m not sure where I can buy them. I also don’t know what a resistor is supposed to look like. I can’t tell from the pictures whether you are slicing the little sliver knobs themselves or cutting something between them. I am definitely not a techie and hate to permanently ruin my Olive. I’m not sure what to do or if I am stuck and out of the beta testing. I think your company has a wonderful and much needed product and wish you the best. 

  • Christine Beetow

    Rjclausen, I was able to do this and I have zero electronics experience. I used the x-acto style cutter. The metal connection they talk about us cutting popped right off and bingo, my unit works. I used needle nosed pliers to help me grab the battery because it was so snug in the charger. Once I had that free, I just pulled it out of the ivory colored connector that is attached to the green board thing. If you ever changed a cordless phone battery, this is exactly the same. Just pull slowly and evenly the red and black wires up and away from the green board and the wires and the male connector will come out. 

    You can do it.

  • Charles Lefebvre

    Very supportive Christine!
    Not complicated but it did take 2 to 3 strokes to get success. Take your time Rjclausen and you will succeed.

  • Kaye Mattfield

    Well that worked for me, Seriously needed a magnifying glass to see what I was doing. I hope the Olive Team are going to replace the charging units. That was just a work around not a repair.

  • Pierre Andre Labeau

    Ok... that’s done... it’s charging my black Olive...but I noticed that the sleeve that is usually heat-shrunk (placed over the lone black wire) wasn’t... Don’t know if that is intentional 

    Now we can use our Olives, one thing that is paramount for me is the sound quality and... problem... the white noise you could expect when pushing the volume up appears quite quickly... even with the volume set on 0%, I can hear it! 

    Also, the volume goes by increments of 10%... Would it be possible to have smaller increments?

  • Jim Arkless

    While I understand that I have a beta version of the product it is rather naughty that we should expected to do a running fix. However now charging (fingers crossed) will test when completed. the two small plastic squares either side of the top of the unit, should they be in place or will it work without the one that came away on first extraction?

  • Rjclausen

    I’m such a dunce. I still don’t know what is supposed to pop right off.  The two silver bumps or a wire in between them. Is the resister one of the silver bumbs or both or something between?

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