Beta Olive Charging Dock work-around #1 (soldering method)




  • Herriman

    This work around is not part of my skill set. Please find another alternative fix.  THX

  • pmbell

    I was able to get a jumper soldered and it appears to be working.  I like the idea of a battery in the charger, but would rather that be a standard size rather than a LiPo, and would like to see that be a user-replaceable battery.

    Once charging is complete I'll give a functionality update.

  • Erick Uceda

    Mine still has battery but I'll give this a try. Also can you explain what consist the led charging sequence? How many times will the Led light up and is there a gap between them.

  • Rod Miller

    YEp seems to be charging, thanks team.

  • Kathy Verigin

    Apologies. This work-a-round is impossible for me. Don’t have a clue as to go about soldering. am eager to hear an alternate.

  • Ken Cheng

    Okay, will try soldering tomorrow.

  • Daniel

    Soldering is NOT an option for me.

    I also don't understand what is meant by:

    "The good news is that we have developed a work-around to solve the issue. The solution unfortunately renders the cradle as a charger, instead of a portable back-up battery as it was originally intended."

    Please explain this a little more in detail. Thanks 

  • Ken Cheng

    @daniel, the current workaround bypasses the small battery, which has failed, due to voltage going below some critical level, thanks to long transit times.

    They want us to solder a wire to bypass the battery, so it's just a charger with no ability to top-up the Olive.

  • Sepi

    Sorry, I don't have the time nor the skills and tools to Open and Solder and Fix the dock by myself. As Beta Backers we aren't supposed to do the engineering Jobs,  we are supposed to just do the Beta testing of a "WORKING" Olive, testing the software abilities and sound quality.  This is a major hardware testing failure. Those should’ve been done BEFORE sending out the hardware.... Please find another Solution, such as sending us new, WORKING ones. 

  • Daniel

    @Ken, thanks for your explanation.  Since you are skilled enough to open the dock, (and solder) , why wouldn't you just replace the battery? Is the battery that's used so uncommon?  And what kind of battery fails so quickly by just sitting there?  Perhaps the batteries are faulty?

  • Gabriele Foddis

    A questo punto avrei inserito un interruttore che funzionasse in questo modo: interruttore posizionato su "1" modalità di ricarica oliva, interruttore posizionato su "2" modalità di ricarica batteria interna per backup.

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Purtroppo è una amara verità quello che dici

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Eseguita la procedura con saldatura interna, ora pare che l'oliva stia ricaricando, il led verde è intermittente.

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Gabriele, cannot ship to USA.
    Olive Union, any other option for purchasing a new battery? I would prefer that. How about an Amazon or digikey link to an alternate battery?

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Per tutti colore che non hanno la possibilità di eseguire una saldatura, consiglio di sostituire direttamente la batteria acquistandola da aliexpress, Amazon o altri venditori on line. Sostituirla è semplicissima, si deve aprire il cubo di ricarica con un semplice lama sottile o taglierino, staccare la vecchia batteria e sostituirla con la nuova, avendo cura di inserire anche il cavo nero dove è presente la resistenza da 10k.

    For all colors that do not have the ability to make welding, I recommend replacing the battery directly by purchasing it from aliexpress, Amazon or other online retailers. Replacing it is simple, you need to open the cube with a simple blade or cutter, unplug the old battery and replace it with the new one, taking care to insert the black cable where the 10k resistance is present.

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Sepi...BETA TEST

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Kevin, ha ragione che siamo dei beta tester, però il funzionamento minimo deve essere garantito, sopratutto se noi paghiamo l'oggetto. Io solitamente faccio i test su hardware, software e Hi tech, ma i prodotti mi vengono forniti a titolo gratuito. Capisci che voglio dire?

    Kevin, it's right that we're beta testers, but minimal running must be guaranteed, especially if we pay for the item. I usually run tests on hardware, software and hi tech, but the products are supplied free of charge. Do you understand what I mean?

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Hi Gabriele, I very much understand what you mean.  I also have an extensive background in product development and BETA testing. It is an indegogo campaign and we all understood there were risks involved. It is unfortunate that we have had problems so early but we should be supportive as much as possible. I want my hearing aid to run just as much as you all.  Let's build up, not tear down. 

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Certo Kevin, il progetto va portato avanti, fino alla fine. Dobbiamo arrivare ad ottenere un ottimo prodotto, però anche l'azienda Olive Union ci deve aiutare.

    Sure, Kevin, the project must be carried on to the end. We have to get a great product, but the Olive Union company has to help us.

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Il problema del pairing ad ora è sempre presente.

  • Ton Weenk

    I happen to have two cradles of witch I gave the batteries a "kick in the ass" by, after unplugging from the cradle, connecting a 5V/1Amp powersupply for approx 10 seconds. After done so, everything seems to work like it should; the hearing aid batteries have been charged properly.

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Confermo quello.che dice Ton, anche io ho provato con un caricabatterie da 6v 2 A e forse ha ricaricato la batteria. Ancora tutto da verificare

  • Ton Weenk

    Be carefull though: never connect an external powersource like this longer than a few seconds (max. 10) to a rechargeble battery in order of explosion and/or overheating danger!! At the most you may repeat the procedure a few times. If it does not work: STOP!

  • Ken Cheng

    @Daniel, the batteries are not all that special, as Gabriele has so kindly shown they can be purchased for a couple dollars, but I can test a soldering solution now, as opposed to waiting for a battery to come.

    Now, that I've had time to consider it, maybe I will order a replacement battery instead.

    I tried Ton Weenk's defibrillator idea, using a 5V/1.5Amp charger, but it didn't help my battery.

  • Erick Uceda

    The kicking ass method seems quick and practical, probably tried that if it doesn't work then new batteries it is.

  • Roy Emmerich

    I'm trying another solution by simply recharging the lithium battery up to an acceptable level and then re-inserting it into the charging dock. Will this work Olive Union?

    Luckily I have a small universal charger. This is what my setup looks like:


    Update: From what I can tell, this approach doesn't seem to work.

  • Gabriele Foddis

    Is positive sir

  • Ken Cheng

    Seems to me that Olive should send new batteries to everyone. They can buy in bulk, and pay the lowest shipping rate.

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