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  • Jim Cox Sr

    I too, just like the others here, are having troubles with both of my OLV-01 hearing devices. I can't get one of them to even light the led under the main switch at all, therefore there is no way to tell if the unit is even charged up. I have yet to get it to power up. The second units led came on the first time I tried to pair it, but will not light at all now. I hope you have a solution to my problems, or a reset option other than the 6 second reset that I have done several times, in and out of the charging docks, that haven't done any good. also, one of the charging docks seem to grip the OLV-01 with metal clips, but the second one doesn't seem to have them. Which one is correct? Thank You for any solutions you have for my problems.

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  • Ihor Pona

    I have completed your 'fix' to the charging cube and my hearing aid is charged and working - thank you.

    I do have the same problem when I first tried the hearing aid when I received it:

    1. No matter if I turned the hearing on before I placed in my ear, or placed it in my ear and then turned it on, there is a feedback - lots of it and loud.

    Is there any way around this as I have tried holding it in different locations to find the best hold so that there is no feedback but no matter which way I grasp it and move it, rotate it, there is painful feedback.


    Problem solvedL lowered 3k and 6k frequuencies


    Please assist.

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